Worship, Prayer and Church Life.


Is there meditation in scripture, and ancient Judeo-Christian practice? Yes, even in the liberal Pentecostal movements of today! Just google meditation in the Bible or do a search on ¨soaking. ¨

For scripture encourage us to fast, meditate, and ¨pray without ceasing. ¨

In general: The Bible tells the Jews meditated upon God`s word. History tells both ancient Jews, AND Christian mystics (early church-fathers) meditated for prolonged periods of time. Why? To reach mystical union with God through meditating on His word, His love, His beauty of creation, and filling yourself with this until you reach mental, and spiritual bliss. Some of these church fathers were even seen emerging with glowing bodies emitting light!

Meditation is all about dedication, deep contemplation and study. It is the path of Christian mysticism. Reaching spiritual and mental unity with Christ, God and the Holy Spirit. Although not defined, Christian mysticism is common in the neo-charismatic and Pentecostal movements. Listening to Christian music, reading the word, and seeking god in contemplation through prayer, or even a monastic life. We see neo-charismatic Christian prayer-centres, farms, and retreat centres open up all throughout the west. Mankind is made to live in fellowship with God, nature, and like-minded people. In a busy world, it is unquestionable that many seek re-unification with their natural selves.

What is true worship:

Since I was young, God has told me he will pour out a revival of prophetic worship, holiness, knowledge, art, what is popularly seen as ¨hippie-culture¨, parades of worship, LOVE, new ideas of evangelism and radicalism. Worship is our greatest tool to manifest his presence, protection, contact with Heaven, declaration of truths, and is what most often leads to miracles.

The Biblical Christian fills his heart, and mouth with worship constantly! Not through law, but through intimacy with the divine. For the fruit of the spirit is joy, and joy produce worship. And it has many forms. We will get to that.

Worship is proof of our validity, and the key to success. It is what we will do in eternity. Worship of the creator is the natural condition of all living things, including you and me, as all exists to glorify the creator, and is in turn glorified through it themselves. Worship is above worldly time and unites us with all past generations ascended to Heaven! Just think of how David`s psalms resound as in Heaven, and on Earth. Worship is above structure. Above tongues and languages. Above race. And foremost above worldly condition.

The famous scientist Nicola Tesla once said that if you want to understand the nature of the universe, you must think in terms of vibrations. Even creation is a song.

We sing the song of the Heavenly Scroll. God SPOKE the universe into being. Prophetic worship is very sacred, as it is taking part in the continual creation of what God is doing through the Source Field, which we discovered in my book ¨The Wisdom of all Golden Ages.¨

Worship should be peace, joy and love at once. It`s tuning back to our inner sanctum, our re-born nature, and the creator`s song of creativity over our life. All that lives, our true nature, and our lives are songs and worshipping in spirit is a mighty gift that lets you tune into your higher will, and essence of being: What God is doing through you right now: Both through physical deeds, and spiritual proclamations. Remember: Every thought manifest. All creation is a vibration. Worship is a powerful tool and proof of our validity. Neither Islam, Judaism or any other religion has the joy of worship, and the intimate connection to God such as we do in the neo-charismatic and Pentecostal movement.

Worship is our eternal state. What awaits us in Heaven, before God, where we take part in the One, to sing the One Song of continual creation of the universe. Worship is one`s breath resounding and returning to the creator`s glory.

Worship is necessary for my spirit. It`s a gift I give, but receive tenfold back. Sometimes it`s a choice, but God always delivers. It`s my spirit crying ¨Abba father!¨

All can worship in some form or another. All have talents. Worship is the joy of the spirit, but sometimes something we have to choose. Try waking up in the morning and think of a good memory. Laugh a bit, go before His abundant joy, like a garden of flowers to a child, and shout hallelujah! Carry the sound of Heaven throughout the day and smile to the world. Joy brings good fruit.

The Bible tells us to worship against even our flesh. For it is the proof of a constant eternal state that must not be broken, even considering the circumstance of our lives, jobs, peace, health etc.

Remember: Peace, and joy of the world is because of a worldly state. But peace, and joy of the Lord is in spite of a worldly state. It is because we are divine Heavenly citizens. His ways are not of this world. All will worship God.

Let`s open some Bible verses.

1 Chorinthians 14:26 ¨What then shall we say, brothers and sisters? When you come together, each of you has a hymn, or a word of instruction, a revelation, a tongue or an interpretation. Everything must be done so that the church may be built up. ¨

Philippians 4:4 ¨Rejoice in the Lord always, again I will say, rejoice! ¨

Our worship is different from other churches. We worship with our own voice, and own lyrics, through dance, art, parades, in battle against darkness etc. Prophetic worship. We worship the beauty of God in nature. We also have worship songs where we give thanks to God for all he has done. We encourage members to step up on stage and sing their own songs of thanks.

Forms of worship:

For me, worship of God is to better name him, God being infinite.

The Israelites had seven forms of adoration! I add an eight, soaking. I also encourage to worship through art, through whatever hobby, or life you have! This has become more popular, to which I rejoice.

It is important that our prophets, and teachers use their minds, and pray for wisdom like that of David and Solomon. After all: We should rejoice over having the richest religious-cultural-historical heritage of any surviving religion, even more so than the Jews and Hindus, the day we open our eyes to the light of His new sun in this age. The age of ignorance is over.

We should make church a serious business, and not a monetary culture of success-Christendom, happening, and hobby Christendom.

Our church is rather a synagogue, a temple anywhere in nature, at work, or in your garden: A free playroom open for all these seven expressions of worship.

But our worship is not limited to seven forms! We have more like for instance dancing, painting, and the Pentecostal tradition called soaking which was practiced in the Temple of Solomon. The Bible tells how David rested in the temple, being soaked in the Holy, light-spirited presence of God. The debth-healing emotional father-heart of God. Or the friendly intimacy with the Godhood.

It is boring to stand by your chair when you know your soul dances to delight the Lord as we do in Heaven!

1) Yadah (yaw-daw’):
This means to show reverence or praise with extended hands. The word pictures associated with the root words for this type of praise is shooting an arrow or throwing a rock. It literally means to extend the hands, or to shoot and arrow.

Scriptures to reference: Psalm 42:5, The Dedication of The Temple in 2 Chronicles 7 uses this expression of praise (visualize Levites blowing the trumpets and calling everyone to worship and the “praise” that everyone is expressing is through standing and lifted hands).

So, when we share this with our people we get them to visualize a small child who wants to be picked up. They extend their hands high above their heads in a sign of surrender and desire to be held. You could also use the image of throwing or shooting your praise outwardly to God instead of holding it in. Have your people lift or extend their hands.

2) Towdah (to-daw’):
This word is very similar to yadah but has a slightly different flavour. It means to show agreement with by extending the right hand. In today’s society the closest thing we have is a handshake to seal a deal or pact. The idea is that it is usually associated with sacrifice (specifically things given up showing thankfulness to God).

Scriptures to reference: Psalm 50:23 (the thank offering NIV, KJV uses the phrase praised)

When we share this, we get them to visualize offering our thanks to God (and our agreement with His promises) by visualizing the extended hand. You could use a handshake, if so, have people imagine they are shaking hands with God. Or you could have people lift their hands (similar to the yadah, but instead of surrendering the underlying notion is thankfulness and agreement).

Comment: I always lift my hand in glory – giving thanks that his ways are with me, as I sacrifice my life for him – when exiting any place.

3) Barak (baw-rak’):
This flavour of praise is one that we commonly see around altars. It means to kneel down. It means to bow low as a sign of adoration and reverence. It carries with it the idea of humbling yourself to a place that is lower than the recipient of your worship (God).

Scriptures to reference: Psalm 95:6 (expresses this idea literally) and Psalm 103 (uses the phrase “bless the Lord” to convey this expression)

This one might be the most physically “uncomfortable” expression to have people do, but you can have people stand up and bow or kneel right where they are. I also like to have people think about a royal court of years gone by. Have them answer what would be the first thing you’d do before approaching the throne to have an audience with a king or queen. You would bow low as a sign of reverence and deference to their power.

The same applies here: we bow and kneel to outwardly express our commitment to God`s greatness before all powers on Earth and Heaven. This may also be a sign of surrender, humbleness, and thanks for redemption of sin.

4) Tehillah (tel-hil-law’):
This type of praise is singing, but not just any type of singing. It’s the singing that bubbles up from our hearts. It’s a spontaneous type of singing. These songs are unrehearsed and unprepared. They are straight from God to God through the pipeline of the Holy Ghost.

Scriptures to reference: Psalm 22:3 These are the types of “praises” that God enthrones or inhabits, which is interesting because it’s so specific: God literally lives in the SPONTANEOUS praises of His people!. Psalm 33:1 This type of praise is “fitting” for God’s people, or it literally makes them “look good”. When Isaiah talks about trading garments of ashes and mourning for garments of joy and praise, the word praises their literally means SPONTANEOUS praises!)

This is also a tough one to get people to just do because of the spontaneous nature of it. But you could have everyone on the count of three to stand up and just blurt out a praise to God! That would illustrate it. It would be coordinated, but each person would be “praising” spontaneously.

5) Zamar (zaw-mar’):
This literally means to pluck the strings, to celebrate in song and music. This is the most common form of “praise” we have across the world in our churches. It’s just singing songs put to music. What’s neat about it though, is that it can also refer to JUST PLAYING, as well, although is usually translated as “sing praises.” It can be used with soaking inside the calm peace of his presence, imagining the ancient Israelites playing soothingly.

Scriptures to reference: Psalm 150 (this psalm illustrates a picture of instrumental worship).

A fun way to illustrate this is to have everyone clap together (playing their five fingered instruments!). There’s not much needed to illustrate this form of praise though, because it is so prevalent in our churches.

6) Halal (haw-lal’):
This might be one of the most “fun” forms of praise because it requires one to step outside of “dignity” for a moment. It means to be clamorously foolish. To boast. To shine. This is the kind of praise that David exhibited when he danced for joy at the return of the Ark of The Covenant to Israel. It’s also the form of praise that prompted his wife to ridicule him for his lack of dignity.

This is also where we get the word Halellujah from. It literally means “Praise the Lord” but even more literally it means to BE CLAMOROUSLY FOOLISH unto the Lord! Haha! I love it! It`s letting go of our pride and being like children! This includes the Pentecostal ¨drunk in the spirit¨ worship of dancing, laughing, leaping, and twirling in the presence of the Lord, looking foolish to the world. But it also (and probably more accurately) includes the state of the heart before God. A heart that is turned towards God, not afraid to BOAST in and of God is a “halal” heart. I took this to heart as not being afraid to shout hallelujah in the presence of non-Christians, knowing that God is overjoyed. Halal is not only demonstrative praise but can also be the force behind any of these other forms of praise. You can sing or shout or even play an instrument as a halal.

Scriptures to reference: This word appears over 100 times in the Old Testament. 1 Chronicles 16:4 (there were actual appointed musicians to “halal” before the Lord); Nehemiah 12:24 (an example of call and response halal)

7) Shabach (Shaw-bakh’):

Are you ready to get loud? Shabach means to address in a loud tone. It’s typically associated with freedom or triumph. But it’s more than just a loud shout, it’s the idea of putting everything you have into it. An attitude of wholehearted praise. This is often seen in afro-America churches with authoritative, and aggressive preaching. Declaring victory! Driving out demons!

Scriptures to reference: Psalm 63:3-4 (We typically look at this psalm as soft cry of thirst in a dry place, but the words in these verses literally mean to SHOUT praises!)

Shabach is simple to illustrate. Ask people to stand up and shout a phrase (Hallelujah or Praise the Lord works great) together on the count of three! Encourage them to view it as a wholehearted expression of praise. One of the best comparisons for this is the spontaneous, electric cheers and yells that fans at a sporting event utter when something good happens to their team.

8) Soaking

While the term ‘soaking’ is a new way of referring to contemplative prayer, invented by the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, the Bible has much to say about spending intimate time communing with God. In the Twenty-Third Psalm, King David wrote of the shepherding heart of God who leads us into green pastures and restores our soul.




There are many scriptures that refer to these intimate times with God, the Holy Spirit, and foremost our saviour:

Surely, I have calmed and quieted my soul, like a weaned child with his mother, like a weaned child is my soul within me. Psalm 131:2

Meditate within your heart on your bed and be still. Psalm 4:4

Rest in the LORD and wait patiently for Him. Psalm 37:7

Matthew 11:28-30

Come to Me, all you who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.

Isaiah 40:31

But those who wait on the LORD shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles. They shall run and not be weary. They shall walk and not faint.

Soaking is beautiful. It`s resting because you are strong or resting to become strong when you are weak.

Soaking in the presence of the Lord opens up the heart to Divine romance and intimacy. It allows the Lord to show His love to you and you to fall in love with Him. Much as a married couple find that their love and intimacy deepen as they spend more and more time together, so our love for the Lord grows through intimate times of fellowship with Him.

Soaking prayer can also be childlike and playful, like going to visit your best friend and just ‘hanging out’ together.

Soaking prayer is an exercise of resting in God. Jesus called this ‘abiding in Him’.

Comments on worship:

Most of these 8 forms of worship are entwined in the revivalist-Pentecostal form of liberal worship as led by the presence of his Holy Spirit.

The Christian believe the reformational waves leading up to Pentecostal worship is biblical due to the seven ancient forms of worship, and that we are moving close to the 1st century-ministry, which this book is all about. We also believe speaking in tongues was practiced by the ancient prophet school attended by king Saul.

We believe the current trend of soaking was practiced in the first temple as seen in King David`s psalms. We know that raising your two hands in 90-degree angles above your head is the oldest form of worship known to man, regardless of religion.

In our lives, and worship, we exalt each other’s beauty, qualities, frailties, and talents in God. We exalt the beauty of creation, and like to worship the creator in all things wherever we go as all things are created by his vibration, and give vibrations back to give Him praise, amen?

To him be all the glory. We might say that humans are the mouth of creation, resounding worship back to the creator, which I find very beautiful. We are not pagan nature-worshippers. But worship of beauty, goodness in others, and beauty of nature is needed, and a next step of reformative waves, directing all honour to God. We see that Jesus was a nature philosopher, and I bet he praised the glory of God`s wisdom in creation. Might worship of mysteries of Christianity, the majesty of his deeds, and the beauty of his creation be the next step in worship evolution?

God has spoken to me about how important it is to glorify and thank God through praising God in worship for the Saints, good deeds, one’s true friends, beauty, nations, history, and make a broader spectrum of worship than it is today. The Creator should also be offered worship, and prayers in nature, celebrated outdoors, and if anything, be described through means of beauty e.g through creation expressing art etc to him.

We believe we can all become equal to Jesus, although not the messiah, for Jesus is firstborn of the dead, yet says we will do greater things than him. Therefore, one should honour each other, and encourage, compliment, and adorn with beauty all our brothers and sisters. Cheer each-other up! Love one another!

Praise only God in all you worship with the mindset of ¨I see the creator in you <3¨ Remember, we direct all worship to God.

David even danced naked before all in Jerusalem when worshipping God. Such was his love as to shed all clothes, and boundaries between him, and the divine: as worship is standing naked before God. There are no boundaries to the Holy Ghost, but this must of course never happen, as it would lead to temptation, but who knows? Haha, it would be glorious. Like a holy return to the garden. Never mind. I`m weird, I know, but I certainly came far in the sanctification process. Hmm… The prophets danced naked. Never mind. ((excuse me, this must never happened.))

I say you wash your hands, feet, and head in holy water before worship, and prayer when entering church as is customary in the sacred baptismal tradition, roman tradition, as well as in Islam. (Oblation is the only thing I really like about Islam.) What would Jesus say? It`s just my opinion…

Mysteries of worship:

Worship is the levitation, and exaltation of the spirit. Worship is a gateway to God, and interaction where we pour out our innermost. Worship can reflect all emotions of joy, sadness, despair and bliss.

There is a mystical aspect to worship as the Bible says we are CREATED to worship. Hallelujah! God made us to be his Jewel in the garden! His very representation, so that we could see to that all creation honours God. God loves beauty, therefore I believe he made us so we can praise him for everything he has made. In praising each other’s good deeds, we worship God. Jesus calls us Gods, and his friends. Hallelujah?

All humans idolize, and worship either they are aware or not. God, Jesus, and His brotherly saints deserves worship, and not idols, musicians, movie-stars, politicians, and soap-opera stars. Give power back to the saints, and idolize them instead as a Holy Priesthood! A Christian believe in uniting and reinstituting the church.

To live a happy life, one must breathe happiness, and take in good thoughts. The mouth speaks the heart. Living a good life means being thankful. The happier you chose to be, the happier you get. Worship is the way to go. Worship is being thankful but sing what you feel. Feel freedom to worship, in worship, and off worship.

Worship can be all forms of music. Even metal, rap etc. Not all are the same. Chose to let your heart out before God wherever you go, and however you feel. One does not always feel like worshipping. All are different. But the Bible tells us to worship God under any circumstance. This is what pleases the Lord the most. All receive the same reward, as in the parable of the workers.

Do not agitate against your flesh to cause bitterness, and un-hearty worship, this leads to exhaustion in your spiritual life where sin, and hate can seep in. Worship is being in a spiritual place. To be inside your heart. God`s peace is not of this world. Pray for the power of God`s peace that is above all circumstance. Then say thanks to God. If one feel burdened by sin before worship, one should go and confess. Worship is holy. Never sing along a worship-song if it doesn`t reflect your person/heart. That would be lying.

Worship is a part of our eternity. What we will do in Heaven. Worship is growing closer to the everlasting. A journey of joy ascending towards God.

We believe in intercessory power through liberal worship service like for instance war dancing, colour dance, flag dancing, ecstatic dancing, laughing in spirit, moaning in spirit, and even screaming in spirit as long as it is room for it in the congregation, and it doesn`t upset the greater audience, or overall church-mentality!

In example: During church service, worship, and if the holy spirit fills the room, and too many people worship in intercession, glorification, or to heal: Split up in prayer groups! Pray, and worship spontaneously as one is not to keep the holy spirit at bay.

This is if there are too many for one microphone, as the Bible tells us to address all issues from all church members. I personally believe more in spontaneous prophetic worship than we believe in singing the same songs. As I said, if your heart cannot confess the words of the song when worshipping together, then lay your burdens before the Lord, repent, confess, and come before God with a clean heart to continue worship boldly before all-seeing God.

But I strongly believe in the power of singing and renewing old hymns as these carry the power of centuries. Such hymns must not be forgotten, as they are being at least remembered, and perhaps sung in Heaven by our ancestors, and carry power from our ascended forefathers. As in Heaven so on Earth. Why won`t the Pentecostals make their own psalm-books of the 21st century? Or is it because the tradition is outdated? What if the internet collapses? I would buy one!

We believe in contagious worship. We believe in the One Army of Salvation. I believe it is important with prayermarches, and to keep our Churches open 24/7 in continuous prayer, watch by clergy, fast and worship as to avoid contaminations by disguised members of Satanism. We believe the sacred menorah should be lit from day to night as a symbol of God`s throne, and the seven flames of the Holy Spirit. All worship is directed towards God. All as Biblical.

The importance of prayer:

These are customs that are Biblical and traditional.

David prayed seven times each day. Intimacy towards God. The Christian believe he shall pray turning to Jerusalem three times each day as is customary in Judaism. At morning, afternoon (after dinner), and at nightfall before sleep. You should pray and meditate over the words of the Lord`s prayer at least three times a day, just like the Jews pray 3 times a day. The New Testament, and Old Testament urges us to exalt God all times, be happy at all times, and preach wherever you go! Through the joy of the lord!

1 Thessalonians 5:16.18 ¨Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. ¨

Joshua 1:8 ¨Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips, meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful. ¨

Philippians 4:4 ¨Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! ¨

Read Psalms chapter 1. It is beautiful.

When we pray to God respectively, we approach him as his beloved sons, and daughters whom he loves in spite of who we are, and what we do. We know he knows what we need. Matthew 6:6-8. We stand boldly before him as we know we are bought by the blood of Jesus, and that there is no deed we can do which makes Him love us any more… We pray to him as our Heavenly Dad, and I always address him as eternal, holy, and most high whenever we mention him in prayer.

We always end our prayers with amen/amein as is custom. I use most often use Yeshua, Yahweh, and Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh when addressing God.

The Christian believe that Heaven is on our side, and that our ancestors, and ascended friends are ever watchful and pray upon us day and night. Remember them, and live with them as Heavenly citizens, and as soldiers with a mantle under orders. For success! Remember that you are on a mission that will never end until the world is conquered, and that it WILL be conquered, therefore you MUST conquer it! Away with apathic, gullible circus Christianity. Don`t be Christian if it`s only because ¨if feels good, and safe to be saved. ¨ You can do it!!!

Search your heart. Are you really under discipleship by the Master? Let Heavenly prayers come to life! You are their only hope – stationed on battleground Earth. Never forget this!

Understand: Let the prayers, and yearnings they had before death come to life through_you_. We believe we are fighting as Heavenly citizens, creating a peace revival, and love for the Earth.

We believe Jesus, and our Heavenly brothers, and ancestors has a fixed, unified agenda that must be pushed forth by an equally unified church here on Earth! We live responsible for all that happens on Earth, or is not Jesus the King? We believe we can pray for anything, as long as we seek God`s will first and are true to our Heavenly selves.

God wants us to be happy, and drive fancy cars. Many pray for material things, and God so loved us that he gave us pleasures on Earth. For all this honours the creator.

We seek to be available 24/7. We strongly believe all humans have the ability to hear God speak, and get the greater gifts of prophecy, healing, speaking in tongues, and advocate his blessings on Earth. This is something not even the technocrats can shut down.


1 Corinthians 12:27-31

¨Now you are the body of Christ, and each of you is a member of it. And in the church God has appointed first of all apostles, second prophets, third teachers, then workers of miracles, and those with gifts of healing, helping, administration, and various tongues. Are all apostles? Are all prophets? Are all teachers? Do all work miracles? Do all have gifts of healing? Do all speak in tongues? Do all interpret? But eagerly desire the greater gifts. ¨

Joel 2:28 “And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions. ¨

The magnificent art of prayer, and it`s mysteries:

Prayer is one`s intimate life with God. It is the place of protection during the sanctification of the Christians. To me, the sanctification process of coming closer to God is one`s prayer life. It can be likened to the Kabbalah: the mystical aspect of our life`s growth. Our goal? Union with God as is Christian mysticism. Becoming vessels of His glory wherever we go. Our members are encouraged to worship whenever awake. Yet when the mouth is silent in bed is when we pray our morning prayer. (We can`t worship ALL the time.)

Pray loving and constantly throughout the day with all your heart, spirit and soul, so that your subconscious is trained, and in-tuned with Heaven, and his laws. ¨Meditate upon his law¨ day and night, as King David said. Meditate upon his greatness, or his mighty names. I did this in protection from the Mark of the Beast, and it works. But it`s best to be prepared beforehand. Try to pray at least one-hour total of prayer in tongues each day – tuning into his pallet for your life. Your higher self. It makes you beautiful.

Pray for everyone you feel God leads you to pray for. Remember that the Bible teaches you to be bold!

Meditation is a state of mind, not necessarily staying quiet. I personally like to open my mouth to exalt, declare, and worship when praying. But silent prayers can be just as powerful. It is the intent that matters. Some of the most powerfully anointed persons I`ve met pray in a very orthodox, silent, slow, and contemplative ways. But God loves difference, and we are all different. Why would he make us this way?

Prayer is magic. Manifesting positive change. God is the conductor of the orchestra. Go to source and get your life-flow! Tune in, and throw a blessing at those you meet! Smile, and be happy throughout the day. The world will recognize us through love. But prayer can also be a shout of despair. To begin with, prayer is often a work of dedication, just like worship can sometimes be.

Prayer-warriors are the backbone of the Christian army. For some: Prayer is a way of life as with the monks. It is a state of peace, and union with God you never want to leave.

At the end of the day, I first dedicate my mind before prayer, relax, and thank God for the day, and for his promises. Embrace a loving father God! Delve into his embrace. Remember your breath, breathe out, breathe in unconditional love, and put the day`s worries in a black box. You don`t need them. God is ALL! This took a long while for me to realize. There is a saying: ¨You know God is all you need when God is all you have.¨ God`s mercy is new every morning. As I lay myself down to sleep, I chose to focus on what`s positive, and thank God for it, looking forward to enjoy more adventures with him, as he creates something new each day. I long for him and secure my soul in the loving presence of God and my Christ. Then I sleep.

I go out in the garden in the morning with dedication of prayer: Wondering, fearing and awe inspired by the science of whom I know and see in nature. This is true worship to me. Then I just relax and let my eyes fleet around, free with God like Adam in the garden. Let God lead you into intimacy as he shows his mighty ways in the beauty of nature, just as he revealed the nature-parables to Jesus…

We are to be a pleasant offering of prayer, and exaltation to God continuously, meditating, and facilitating his greatness to others through wisdom. That is walking with God. When I tune into this source field in nature is when I receive joy, strength, and often revelations. You will learn to love it so much that whenever relaxing, or on vacation: your programmed state of mind of relaxation is relaxation with God: Simply prayer.

In a busy world, I think we need the Jews to teach us that God is first, and business second. Orthodox Jews pray for hours every day in their rituals. Christians bend their knee once every Sunday. Can we bring ourselves to that mindset?

Imagine there is no television! You are simply like Adam in Eden, staring at the stars, and running down the forest, wondering about creation, God and everything. You, creation alone with God. 13 dimensions apart. The lovestory this world was meant for. Adoring God. Reality.

I say TV, internet, and all aside from God`s creation is fictional! GOD is reality. Shed yourself of false idolatry and remember: Everything that is not eternal is ROT! God, nature, and his creation is reality, not virtual as some say. What this relates of God speaking to you is reality. I`m not saying that all senses, and all you see is Holy. We live in a fallen world.

Ease out, and let God tend your heart.

Look to beauty, but sadness can also be beautiful. To find yourself, you need to be with God in nature. I also recommend a pilgrimage, a hike in the mountains, or some other physical journey of exercise to get rid of all the illusions, idols, and addictions to the electronical world. You will find your TRUE nature, and your higher self, your aura will start shining as God pours his strength into you both physically and mentally. I recommend you journey with perhaps one, or two other Christian soul-mates for at least a week. It can even be your betrothed or wife! I recommend prayer-retreats for every person. You will find yourself AMAZED after you unplug, and realize you had no CLUE how programmed, and addicted you were, finally SEEING all you missed: God in creation.

You will then descend from the mountain/journey feeling like a prophet with a mission, with strengthened legs, and a strengthened sense of identity, purpose and renewal. Then you will take new stances to your former life, and change habits to move on. Remember: Life is a spiritual journey which I say HAS to be exemplified through moving also in physical exercise, hiking, and unplugging to give you the best life God has for you. Keep God`s temple healthy. Keep your body healthy.

Jesus loves you… And wants the best for you.

After being unplugged, you will learn to lead other brothers to stay in God`s presence of contentment, and symbiosis with Heaven in nature: As God is your sole provider, not the TV. That is our approach when leading a life of continuous prayer. Sometimes we need a good brainwashing, and hiking is just that. I recommend training yourself to take baths in nature, as this is very purifying, very healthy, and energizes the body. Especially cold water, something I do half the year almost. (And it`s cold up here.)

Prayer is fighting together. Prayer is spiritually uniting the body of the church. Prayer is nurturing the roots that gives growth to flowers.

Prayer-warriors, and intercessors are just as important as preachers, for praying is paving the road for preachers, and consciously co-creating reality with God. I say this as is true! The state of the church is in constant fight, and without sowing and preparing to reap through prayer: At least I only strive…!!! For prayer is like sowing seeds, and watering plants. It`s mental preparation at its best.

Prayer is giving thanks. In nature. In wonder of Him, the magnificent reality of creation. Giving thanks for our friends and our family. The things that matter. I pray that you unplug and realize what I did. That it`s family, childhood friendships, broken bonds, and your childlike dreams that matters. When journeying into the wild, on the higher spiritual altitude, climbing a mountain or a roadblock in your life, you get insight, and see your daily life down there, realizing what you REALLY seek was up here with God, and discovering futile patterns. Discovering your heart. This will come to you if you take a pilgrimage.

Prayer is the loving walk of life letting him carry you through, like surfing down the waters of a wild river, or being lifted above the clouds by eagles.

Prayer is looking into the sun like the eagles, and aiming high, being carried by the winds of destiny and prayers of our brothers in Heaven – onwards towards beautiful horizons. For he loves you, and cares for you. Being one with our ascended masters. Living in another dimension. Surfing the pathways of the angels, and dripping milk, and honey of abundance. Love and light.

I give thanks and position myself on the fantasy journey of adventure through life, in a sanctification process with staff in hand, like an alien having a pilgrimage through life. It is a habit that becomes our normal devotion to God when we get to know Him personally. I can stay before his throne by his grace. Hallelujah! Thank you God!