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The ¨GRRRRR¨ series:

The 6 book GRRRRR series, or ¨The Great Romantic Revivalist Reformation Revolution Renaissance¨ book series, is the lion`s roaring wake-up call for all Christian truth-seekers to unite in an ever-changing world, an eye-opening 21st century upgrade of Christianity which I saw much needed, detailing my research into neo-charismatic theology, apologetics, ontological arguments, the problem of evil, eschatology, and conspiracy theories of great importance to every Christian.

Things we are too afraid to talk about… With Luke 12:3 and Hebrews 12:27 as inspiration. All books are one-of-a-kind blockbuster compendium of never-before published content I saw myself imbued to write, with passion for revival in the Church, because I happened to have that knowledge. Thank you God with dedications…

It is a work aimed at waking YOU up to the evil you never thought existed.

¨What you don`t know can still kill you¨, and being a Thomas, I took this authorship upon me as doubter at first, but found Christianity to be the most viable faith

My books are a guide, and a compendium of all important topics relating to the radical Christian faith in a dangerous, unpredictable 21st century change of Europe.

I take the reader on an amazing journey – re-discovering 1st century Nazarene knowledge and philosophy with 21st century science, theology and societal problems as an ailment to society. My work can be seen as a paradigm shift or a reformation of Christianity in an age where we watch YouTube movies about occultism and conspiracy theory, yet never hear it preached in Church, and I truly, personally believe the knowledge herein will create peace on Earth if acted upon, being a pacifist myself.

I believe Christians hold the sole responsibility for the Earth and must act as such.

To eliminate polarities and create peace, I have therefore created the Ontological, Metaphysical Law of Source, Love and Light, which I hope will be the universal, humanistic, inter-religious, and scientific ¨conduit of all things¨ for the future; the bedrock of a Golden Age Utopia, upon which all differences are set aside.

I also believe the neo-charismatic Christians deserve their own theology, unity and nation by now, being the largest growing Christian group in the world, which I dedicated myself to see happen as outlined in the last book, the Kingdom of God, where I outline a utopian system of Christian governance that I hope can be a light for all nations…

I myself am only a disabled, humble servant of God, and pray for Aarons to wake up and lead that romantic renaissance parade of love, light and laughter. Yours sincerely and thank you for buying my book for the mission of knowledge.

Author of the GRRRRR series. E.T

Books in the GRRRRR series.

  1. The God Reality – Scientific proof of God. And the scientific religion of Source, Love and Light.
  2. The Reformation of Christianity – Conservative theology in the 21st
  3. The mysteries of Jesus and how he was the messiah, God, Jesus, Lucifer and the ritual of the cross explained.
  4. The metaphysical law of Source, Love and Light, the wisdom of all golden ages.
  5. The secrets of Revelations, the Christian conspirasies!
  6. The Kingdom of God – the path yet ahead.

Other books:

  • The People`s Army`s Revolution – The Battleplan against the New World Order!
  • How to make the world`s best Orgonite – All mistakes so you don`t have to.

(I have two more books under pen-names, but you`ll have to discover them yourself, which might be very impossible.)